Toy Factory is a champion of arts education and believe that education of the arts is key to a vibrant and beautiful community in Singapore’s future landscape.

Working with a maximum of 3 schools from Secondary to Tertiary level Drama Clubs since 2017, Toy Factory aims to helm quality drama education specially curated for the students. All its drama trainers are professional theatre makers, and the programme is supported by the company’s know-how in professional theatre making.

Students are very often on the company’s mind when planning for its Main Stage Seasons. Toy Factory tries to adapt and create 1 production each year that benefits student directly. In 2018, Here and Beyond, an adaptation of the only local O-Level Singapore’s Literature text, was electrifyingly received and benefitted over 2500 students studying the text for their examinations.

Whenever a school books a show with us, Toy Factory also goes out of the way to conduct post-show dialogues so as to create a maximum amount of learning benefits for the students attending the production. In an extra value-added service, Toy Factory also often gives talks and joins in events at schools.

For any enquiries on educational matters, please do not hesitate to contact us at