The Wright Stuff Festival 2021 – SKIN

Written by Koh Tian Seng


What happens when one’s faith becomes more important than love?


Tan Yang Xin believes that he has made it by Singapore’s standards; a high income job at a brokerage firm, a luxurious car, and as his crowning jewel – Afifah, the love of his life. 

It all seems perfect up till the moment when his eyes meet with her father’s, Pak. Years of turbulent history surfaces between them – moved by a vindictive heart, Pak denies their relationship and presses Yang Xin for a test of his faith, commitment and love for his daughter.

Journey with this interfaith couple through the eyes of Iman, the returning Imam, as the feuding males and the exasperated bride-to-be explore their relationship with religion, masculinity, their loved ones and perhaps most importantly — each other.



15 - 17 October 2021

Show Time

3pm & 8pm


Gateway Theatre - Black Box


1 hours 30 minutes (no intermission)

Performing Language


Ticket Price

$25 (Excluding Booking Fee)

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