The Wright Stuff


Initiated by Toy Factory, the proposed project is a playwright incubation programme, The Wright Stuff.

This programme works towards developing and nurturing aspiring local playwrights to bring their work-in-progress scripts from writing to center stage. We will be collaborating with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), to stage the scripts by these playwrights, which will be performed by the students from NAFA.

Conducted by Toy Factory’s Artistic Directors and later helmed by professional Stage Directors engaged by Toy Factory for its professional staging, this is an Outreach Programme that invests incredibly in new playwrights in every aspect.




Ashes, Ashes

Written by Rajkumar Thiagaras (English)

It is time to say goodbye to the grand old Janaki Vilas, as the elderly Janaki revisits her childhood home for the last time. She discovers her old journal and recollects her youth; a youth filled with trauma and grief as she takes a lifetime to cope with the devastating loss of her siblings. A young Janaki struggles to grow up amidst bickering parents whose marriage disintegrates, as the ghosts from the past never leave her side. Through her heart-breaking trip down memory lane, she learns  that sometimes, moving on is always easier said than done, and that anything is truly possible in Neverland.


Random Access Memory

Written by Mark Cheong (English)

Random Access Memory shows how a dying boy chooses to keep the good memories and erase the bad ones. This play will depict the importance of those that are dear to us that we keep in our memories, and if we had a choice, what are the memories that we would wish to bring to the afterlife.



Written by Titus Yim (Chinese)

The Toyshop was once a place where children laughters could be heard and the cash register sang; Now, it is but the final resting place for 5 defective toys, ruled by a Puppet King that no one has ever seen. However, the usual calamity of the toyshop was suddenly disrupted by the visit of demolition notice. In a desperate bid to fulfill their last wishes, toys turn against each other, only to uncover that they are unable to rid themselves of the purpose that they were made for. Any other avails coerce them into learning that the only way out of the Toyshop is to venture deeper in.


17 October – 3 November 2019

Show Time:
3pm, 7.30pm

NAFA Studio Theatre

NAFA Campus 3, 151 Bencoolen Street, S189656

1 hours 30 minutes

Performing Language:
English and Mandarin