Still Sailing


Zooming into the current global crisis on unsettling seas, Still Sailing is a torrential original English play that brings to surface the whirlpool of emotions erupting between two twenty-somethings aboard uncharted waters, isolated separately in their cruise cabins – forced to face their own realities in a not-so-perfect time of introspection. Even in the crashing waves, Still Sailing steers towards the light in the midst of unresolved heaviness.


A gambler, Joshua secretly drifts into the horizon, to a place far away from the shores of his debts and worries… Only to crash into the waves of a global pandemic and harsh reality.

Forced into his cabin for a 14 days quarantine – he was miserably cut off from the buzz of casino slot machines. He desperately shuffles through the cards life has dealt him, and realises that there is absolutely no way he could earn the huge sum of money he came here to win.

His getaway voyage de la vie sinks deeper into brooding reality… A dockless cruise stranded in the middle of nowhere – miles away from home, the only thing that is familiar left, is himself… until he met her – the curious brash girl next door who somehow in all the uncertain conundrum – is Still Sailing.


Available on Demand from:

23rd November 2020 (Monday), 12.00 PM to 6th December 2020 (Sunday), 11.59PM (GMT+8)

*Please take note that the rental of Still Sailing will only be available on the 23rd of November 2020 (Monday), 12 PM (GMT+8).

Duration: Approximately 1 hours and 15 minutes

Performing Language: English

On Demand Rental Price: US$9.00

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