The Wright Stuff Festival 2023 – The Prisoner

The Wright Stuff Festival 2023 – The Prisoner
Written by Annie Low
Mentored & Directed by Alvin Chiam


In the race of fashion-trends, our planet pays the price.

Green citizen Claire’s world is turned upside down when she discovers a SOS note hidden within her company’s new clothing inventory. As she embarks on a quest to seek the face behind the message, her journey leads her to a massive garment factory in a foreign land. In this biting new play, Claire encounters both unexpected allies and staunch opposition, as she unravels the mystery of an anonymous victim.

However, her pursuit not only exposes the hidden evils of the system but also forces her to confront her own growing dread and climate apathy.
Will she be willing to forsake her family, fortune, and company for the truth to prevail?



29 September - 1 Oct 2023

Show Time

3pm & 8pm


Gateway Theatre - Black Box


1 hours 30 minutes (no intermission)

Performing Language


Ticket Price

$49 (Excluding Booking Fee)