7 Sages of the Bamboo Grove


Once, there were seven free-spirited individuals who lived during the rule of the Three Kingdoms. They were established scholars, musicians and poets who dissented from vile corruption and chaos in the bureaucrat, choosing to escape to the tranquil bamboo grove.

Life was simple, serene and spontaneous there. The seven individuals revelled in sharing their music, poetry and philosophies. Collectively, they became known as the “Seven Sages of The Bamboo Grove”.

In conjunction with Toy Factory Productions’ 30th Anniversary celebrations, we present an exciting and contemporary stage adaptation, Seven Sages of The Bamboo Grove. Through this production, we hope to ignite a collective ongoing conversation – what is the significance of the existence of the arts in our future?

Despite advancements in civilisation over the past 1800 years, we still witness political unrest all over the world, but we believe that the arts and its advocates can be a driving force to influence, bind and unite differences among us all. Deep down, we all yearn to find that elusive “bamboo grove” where creative freedom is neither uncensored nor unfettered.

Seven Sages of The Bamboo Grove will inspire and excite the audience, especially in an increasingly technologically advanced world where we strive to break free from society’s censorship of artistic creativity.

After all, an artist resides in all of our souls.


Under the tutelage of technology prodigy Cao Shuang, the Organisation has taken reigns over the entire dystopian world. Humans are coerced into wearing specially-programmed headsets, preventing music from infiltrating and influencing their thoughts.

Freedom does not exist and everyone obeys, with the exception of the Organisation’s arch-nemeses, the seven artists and advocates — Ji Kang, Ruan Ji, Shan Tao, Xiang Xiu, Liu Ling, Ruan Xian and Wang Rong. These seven individuals are placated neither by the lure of wealth nor the promise of comfort, and their resistance soon lands them in trouble; they are captured and imprisoned under the watchful eye of the Organisation’s Head of Surveillance, Ma Siyi. The painter loses possession of his brush, writing is prohibited for the poet, no movements are allowed for the dancer, and composing is strictly forbidden for the musician. All forms of art are banned. Unbeknown to all, Ma Siyi is harbouring evil plans of his own — to lead the entire human civilisation into a new era that exists solely in a tiny microchip.


31 January – 1 February 2020

Show Time:

2 hours, no intermission

Performing Language:
Mandarin (with English and Chinese subtitles)

Ticket Price:
$88, $58, $38 (excluded Sistic booking fee)

Tickets Available From:
SISTIC / (65)6348 5555